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Chemnitz is located on the northern edge of the Ore Mountains in Saxony, and owes its name to the river of the same name, which flows through the city. After 1945 the city of Chemnitz had been renamed to “Karl-Marx-Stadt” in GDR times. After the referendum in 1990 the city got back its original name “Chemnitz”. The city presents itself as "City of Modernity": It has been revitalized since 1990 and is shaped by the cultural and architectural modernism after having been severely damaged in the Second World War. That is the reason that Chemnitz received the "DIFA Award” in 2007 which is awarded to cities with special urban development projects that contribute to employment, housing and quality of life. See it for yourself and stay in one of our private rooms of the accommodation service Chemnitz.

The city can offer architecture from the Wilhelminian style and Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Neoclassicism, to the post-modern and modern times. For example the Villa Esche which was built by the Belgian architect and designer Henry Van de Velde. In the very remarkable "Chemnitzer Palace" you can visit the Henry van de Velde Museum. On the Kaßberg you can admire numerous house squares and villas that sprouted after the foundation of the Empire in 1871. The quarter from the period of the Wilhelminian style and Art Nouveau is one of the largest and most lavishly renovated of its kind in Europe.

A very striking monument is the red tower, whose foundations stem from the 12th and 13th Century. The double town hall is also striking, which consists of the Old Town Hall (1496-1498) and the New City Hall, who’s "High Tower" is from the period around 1200. Another attraction is the theater space, where the King Albert Museum, St. Peter's Church and the Opera House form an architectural ensemble.

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Chemnitz sightseeing

Opera Chemnitz
The Opera House was built in 1906-1909 and stands between King Albert Museum and St. Peter's Church. After the Second World War it was largely destroyed and was rebuilt in the years 1947 to 1951. Since the restoration by Karl-Heinz Barth in 1992, it has been one of the most modern opera houses in Germany and Europe, so that Barth received the BDA award Saxony in 1994. The special feature of the opera house is the present stage technology with special turning. The program features classic and modern opera, operetta, and musicals.
Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz
You can find the art collections in the Royal Albert Museum, which issued more than 60,000 exhibits. The museum building was opened in 1909 and was designed by Richard Mobius. It possesses the second largest collection of artworks by Karl Schmidt-Rottluffs, who was born in one of Chemnitz’s suburbs. Furthermore, the collection includes works from the Dresden Romanticism, German impressionism, contemporary art from Saxony and West German art. The art collections Chemnitz was awarded with the title "Museum of the Year" from the German section of the International Association of Art Critics AICA in 2010. The museum Grunzenhauser, the Chemnitz Schlossberg Museum and the Henry van de Velde Museum all belong to The Chemnitz Art Collections.

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